Wednesday, October 13, 2010

first we dream

So I've been having weird dreams lately. This apparently is normal for pregnant women.

The thing is, is that before the Bean came along I was dreaming about being pregnant. Months before morning sickness set in, my dreams were filled with the sensations of the quickening. At the time I chalked these dreams up to my subconscious coming to terms with the looming possibility that the Peanut was going to be our only child. Looking back now I see that those dreams were harbingers of what was to come, similar to the experience I had the year we conceived the Peanut and I "felt" her hand in mine during a Samhain ritual.

Last night I dreamed that the Bean was pressing her face into my belly, turning my belly into a head with her features molded into the stretched skin. When I write it down or try to explain it, it just sounds weird, and kind of disgusting, but during the dream, even though the whole concept seemed a little creepy I noticed that my response was not towards the creep factor. I was focused on getting that first peek at her face.

The bean moves almost non-stop. With the exception of the week following my birthday, I've been feeling her, watching her go (letting the Peanut put things on my belly so that the Bean can make them dance, watching her make waves in the tub) a lot of the dreams I've been having stem from this movement.

Of course the last few months and this past week in particular, combining the whole baby making experience with the culmination of a new project and launch (which has been a huge success to start off with; high views during the first few hours and inclusion in on Treasury too)has probably played a part in some of the dreams as well. All in all, I've always enjoyed my dreams, and these dreams are no exception.

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