Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Costume Building

Every year I intend to get a good head start on the costume making. And every year I actually get that head start, mainly because I consider the planning and ideas stages as part of the job. This year is no exception with the exception that the Peanut got a little mind changey and then I got a little, "lets look at where we are going with this and make it easier on me if at all possible" and the costume that at the beginning of September was going to be a Monarch butterfly turned into a T-Rex costume which turned into my brilliant idea of a pterodactyl.

This weekend as well as carving the first of our two jack-o-lanterns; I got started on the handmade portion of the Peanut's costume; a paper mache pterodactyl hat. Normally I would have photographed the whole process and written up a kick ass tutorial to post over at Totally Tutorials but I'm finding I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with personal life drama, keeping up the momentum of the ornament collaboration with the husband and the whole keeping healthy while being pregnant situation.

Over the last two weeks I've noticed my blood sugars steadily climbing. While they are still mostly within range, all signs are pointing towards the GD setting in. Thankfully being on the GD program since the first trimester seems to be paying off as my weight gain has been slow and steady; the Bean continues to be within the size guidelines that the oncologist is aiming for and I've not once, even once dipped into the Halloween candy that we picked up at the beginning of the month.

So anyway, back to what I was taking about; our Halloween preparations. I got started on the pterodactyl hat and today we'll be painting the hat and hopefully attaching a headband to the inside to help keep it on the Peanut's head. Also on the to do list is attaching the wings I picked up on our Staycabamoon two weeks ago and my half-assed costume; the salmony orange t-shirt in my closet will have a pumpkin face attached to it right around the belly area so that the Bean will be costumed this year too.

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