Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back to Business

Thankfully it's the kind of business that I love to do. I spent part of yesterday cleaning off the latest ornaments to come of the husband's soldering bench. The good news is that they look fantastic. The not so good news is that the cleaning solution we are using to clean off the rosin flux isn't as strong as we'd like, and cleaning takes a long long long long time. Since our other option is a little too toxic for me to handle with the Bean in her major brain growing stage, this part of the cleaning process will fall to the Husband. I'll be dong the polishing and getting ready for documenting and listing.

We've had a huge wave of views to the shop with the introduction of the line, and even had one of the ornaments included in a snowflake themed treasury! For my part, I've been tweeting about the ornaments and spreading the word about them through some Project Wonderful advertising and facebook. The next step is to get them out into the world; because as beautiful as they look in the listing photographs, they really knock your socks off in person.

It's the iridescent and interference pigments that do it, showing off those effects in a photograph is tricky in the best circumstances and almost impossible in others; especially for some of the lighter coloured ornaments. I'm summoning up the courage to approach a few brick and mortar stores with some of our treasures to see if they would like to carry some of them for the holiday season.

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