Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I feel like Sleeping Beauty except I don't fall asleep for 100 years every time I eat

I went to my first Dietitian appointment for the Bean yesterday; and in exchange for not having to take the yucky glucose test at 28 weeks; I was able to skip it all together and start monitoring my blood sugar a whole 14 weeks earlier than with the Peanut. So, now I have a spankin' new testing monitor with a small tube of testing strips, lancets and of course a chart that requires me to poke my finger before and after each meal so that I can keep the blood sugar under recommended levels. I have Gestational Diabetes (GD).

Gestational Diabetes is diagnosed in about 3- 5% of pregnancies; and if you have previously had gestational diabetes, are obese, have a family history of diabetes, have a history of giving birth to large babies or unexplained miscarriage, or are over the age of 35 while pregnant there is a higher risk of getting it. I, of course fit within two of the high risk categories which, according to my Doctors just slots me into having it without having to do the pesky tests.

The good news is that the Bean (or any baby whose Momma has had GD) will not be born with diabetes but there are risks for a baby if the conditioned is not controlled. These range from premature birth, becoming to large for a vaginal delivery, developing jaundice, developing diabetes later in life or in very rare cases, developing a chemical imbalance while in the womb that can result in a miscarriage. All very good reasons to put in the effort and keep the blood glucose levels under control.

For Momma, going untreated raises the chances of developing infections, pre-eclampsia, developing abnormal amniotic fluid levels as well as increasing the chance that your labor will be prolonged or that the baby will have to be delivered via C-section.

So this is a fond farewell to all the crap that I've been craving since the Bean came along and tossed in some handy food aversions and in exchange for strange eating. Good- bye cheesy puffs. So long dill pickle potato ships and ice cream sandwiches (such a tasty combo and one I would never ever eat outside of carrying the Bean).

Please wait for me cheese cake, I promise I'll make it up to you somehow, I'll try to sneak you in at least once (before I go on a monster hike and swim a few laps at the local pool perhaps). At least my gargantuan adoration of a nice tasty sandwich piled high with veggies and cheese can be fit into the plan with only the alteration of whole grain high fiber bread in place of the chewy Ciabatta that I have been lusting after for weeks now.

And now I promise to post a nice entry pull of lovely photographs and very few medical details surrounding the Bean soon, just to make up for all this wordiness.


Anonymous said...

I had GD when I was pregnant with my son. I cried because I couldn't have my almost daily dose of Count Chocula cereal anymore.

Linda in New Mexico said...

My daughter had GD with both of her pregnancies. It made all of us more aware of the "evils" that lurk on your plate and in the drive thru. Unfortuanately, we did not learn the lesson permanently. Even weirder....both of my grandchildren would rather eat fruit to sweets. M&M's or apples and the smarties pick apples every time. Which leaves more M&M's for their old fat Oma. Oops. Stik to it kiddo, it's for your bean and your safety as well.
Blessings, The Olde Bagg

MoDLin said...

Bit of a nuisance for a while but you're right, it's totally worth keeping on top of it for both of you. And cheese cake will still be on the planet once the Bean is born... thank goodness!

Rue said...

At least you are aware and on top of it. I don't know what the mothers did years ago when this info wasn't available to them.

Be well - and the cheesecake will still be there after the Bean is born!

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