Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Barely a flutter

Since my birthday, and the major kickin' the Bean gave me, it's been very very quiet on the inside.

Almost quiet enough to cause a little anxiety. It's not that there has been absolutely no movement because there has been some, it was just faint movement, faint enough that I was beginning to doubt that it was even there at all until Sunday night.

The thing about being pregnant is that even though

•I'm showing,
•I'm ravenously hungry all the time,
•I can't make it through the day without needing to pass out for an hour on the couch while the Peanut plays, (except on Beach days and then I'm exhausted)
•I'm on a yo-yo that is attached to the hospital where I have to go for Maternity appointments, Dietician appointments and counseling appointments for Post Partum Depression,
•I'm likely to start gushing tears at the slightest provocation (like in the grocery store over the weekend when we saw the cost of Splenda and decided not to get any because that cost and I got all weepy because that meant that I couldn't have a tiny cup of coffee in the morning again)

there's a part of me that is still in a state of disbelief. So the week of little to no movement was enough to cause a little worry. Of course every time I would start to think that I should call the doctor about the lack of movement the Bean would give a little flutter and my mind would be put to rest again until it had been quiet again in there for so long that I would wonder if I'd just imagined the last flutter and then there would be another one. And then on Sunday we had somersaults and bumps and bouncing on my bladder again...

So, am I alone in feeling lie being pregnant is a surreal experience?


jennohara said...

Oh my gosh, it drove me crazy!! Every time I would try to feel something, I wouldn't. It's a crazy thing. And a scary thing.
I love being pregnant tho! I'm so excited for you!

Jen said...

it's the most surreal and crazy thing. Are you in post partum conselling for your previous pregnancy or is it preventative?

Andréann said...

congrats on beeing pregnant! somehow I missed it .... being very pregnant myself those last couple of months...!

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but we all have scary moments at one point or the other... for this last pregnancy, it was when I got into active labor and wondered how long I'd suffer the pain this time!(luckily no more than 2h!)

as for feeling the kicks, is your placenta in front? if so, it could be a reason why you're not feeling as much...

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