Wednesday, September 22, 2010

walking and other stuff

we're doing a lot of walking around here. Yesterday we walked about 20 blocks with a break for lunch and the library and another 8 after dinner. The Peanut was so worn out she slept in this morning.

Even with all that walking my blood glucose was a little high after lunch. I have plans to ask the dietitian about that; if I need to worry. In other pregnancy news the Bean hit the Sciatic nerve today while I was walking with the Peanut. Can I just say that I hope that it's not a reoccurring condition? Youch! I can no longer see my feet when I stand up unless I lean forward. I'm suffering from daily bouts of acid reflux and dosing myself with antacids to put out the burn. Putting on socks has become a gymnastic event and the jeans I bought have a little too much stretch in them so I'm constantly yanking them up when I'm walking. and other than those, things are going pretty well; from the back you can't even tell I've got a baby on board...

In the product launch area, we are still working. The husband has been working on a guest post that talks about his part in our collaboration. I'll put it up here sometime this week to keep you all in the loop.


ElegantSnobbery said...

OH NO! My only lingering pregnancy woe (besides the stretchmarks - blech) is the never-ending sciatic nerve pain. 3.5 years since my last kid, plenty of doc visits, and it STILL pains me daily. I hope your little bean leaves your sciatic nerve alone!!

Rue said...

Wow - nice walking! This blood-sugar monitoring is quite a pain, it seems - but it's all for a good cause. Too bad the Bean isn't grateful enough to leave your Sciatic alone!

Jen said...

Just a tip I learned last time about acid reflux. Drink liquids only after you are finished a meal. It helped me out quite a bit, although antacids were still necessary from time to time.

Jasmine said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog ewarlier today. I had forgotten that post and a lump landed in my throat when I saw it.

Good news on 'your bean'. I have one little girl and she brings me joy every day. May you have an easy birth xJ

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