Monday, October 18, 2010

I feel like I've had a week away

The Staycabamoon was a roaring success, except for the really really really missing the Peanut by the time late yesterday afternoon rolled around. Saturday was spent indulging in restaurant food, and window shopping. With the house free of an early waking four year old you'd think that we would have stayed up late in to the night but we were both in bed and sleeping before 10 (only to be woken up at 12:30 by the noisy neighbors or their noisy guests as they left from visiting). As I mentioned in yesterday's post I was up bright and early but indulged in a little bit of sitting up in bed reading blogs and dozing.

Then the husband got up and we ran errands sans Peanut which in itself is a bit of a vacation. We hit Ikea for some shelves, went for groceries (which done by ourselves, seemed to take half the time) and we also stopped to pick up a dragon costume for the Peanut.

I'm going to co-opt the wings and use them to dress her up as a Pterodactyl. If you read my guest post over at Mrs B's last week you're probably wondering what happened to the butterfly costume. Well, Daddy taking her to see Walking With Dinosaurs, combined with the Dinosaur Train and Dino Dan on TV conspired against the butterfly costume. She's been asking to be a T-rex for the last few weeks. Unfortunately I'm not feeling up to the challenge of sewing a dino tail, Creating a Pterodactyl headpiece out of papermache seems a little bit more my speed right now, plus the wings are perfect.

The Peanut arrived home after a day of shopping with my sister. She had a new pair of boots, a bag full of chocolate, and stories about hanging with Charlie, her Auntie's Chow and watching a dinosaur movie and a big hug for her Mama and Daddy. Today I feel as though I had a week away from all the hustle and bustle. My patience levels are topped up and I feel like I could get a hundred things accomplished.

First up is working on cleaning some of the more recently soldered ornaments for PeanutButterPie and then another photo shoot, after we've hit the library. There's laundry and dishes on the to do list and maybe getting the bathtub cleaned (if I can bend over long enough) Of course I won't be putting any sort of pressure on myself to get all of that done. That would just negate the whole staycabamoon experience.

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