Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 days of Halloween Giveaway from October Farm over at Mrs.B's!

First of all, Happy Halloween! and blessed Samhain too. We have a busy day of pumpkin carving, treat bag decorating and trick or treating ahead of us. Once it's all done I expect to put my feet up, enjoy, pop my prenatal vitamin and refrain from raiding the Peanut's haul. It's going to be tough to do so wish me luck.

One of my favourite places to visit everyday is October Farm. Jaz is an amazing lady who thrifts, crafts, collects, gardens and cooks the most amazing looking dishes I have ever seen. Along with Teddy; her adorable chow her posts brighten my day and make me feel hungry all at once.

Over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom Jaz giving away a basket of goodies straight from Salem!! And it's a doozy!! I'm putting my name in as we speak! I've put my name in for the Giveaway's that Jaz has over at October Farm before and have yet to win; but I am hopeful that this giveaway has my name all over it.

Also up for grabs today is a full set of the Weiser Field Guides. and I can totally see this full set up on my bookshelf too.

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