Wednesday, January 9, 2013


time flies when both kids are home, the husband is awaiting news of entry into school and the holidays are keeping every one very busy. This holiday season was declared the best one ever by the Peanut and I'm sure the Bean would agree if her vocabulary was up to it.

Since we're now in the second week of January I won't deluge you with holiday news and pictures. Suffice it to say that lots of quality family time was spent, lots of baking, cooking and eating was done and everyone got what they asked for as well as some things they weren't expecting but hit the spot. New Years eve was spent in a quiet fog. A fog rolled in just before midnight and midnight was so quiet and still that I slept through it.

The husband was accepted into the program he's been upgrading for which means that we are moving into a year of changes. I'm looking forward to them and also to the other changes coming down the line. He starts at the end of the month, until then we're getting last minute house organization things taken care of and cramming in as much family time as possible. His courses are intensive and we'll see very little of him for four months.

What new things are going on for you?
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