Wednesday, October 6, 2010

As promised

I'm offering you a sneak peek of the new line of holiday ornaments going into PeanutButterPie this coming Monday.

The husband touched on his part in the operation a few posts ago. The starting point for an ornament is the design and cutting of a rubber stamp made from a soft rubber print making block. Before photography I was a printmaking major. Using relief printmaking as a part of the process has been an awesome way to reintroduce that old love back into my creative process. The image I carve into the block is pressed into glass paint. I love how the image looks in the initial impression and I adore the second and third impressions that I get from the blocks, each ornament has it's own look and feel.

I have to say that I am just tickled by how well the photo shoot went on Monday. The reason I'm so pleased is how well the props worked with the ornaments. The combination of the lights and the wire tree that I used for display was so much fun putting up.

Come back tomorrow for this week's installment of a Thousand Words.

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