Saturday, January 23, 2010

I hate to be a Downer

I really really do, so I'm not going to spend time complaining or belly aching. In the interest of staying relatively complaint free I'm just going to state the facts. I'm in the doldrums, I'm feeling blue, overwhelmed and awash in the fuzzy heads.

I've taken steps to detour around what could be a downward spiral. I'm creating on a daily basis. I'm brushing my teeth and applying minimal amounts of makeup I have plans to colour my hair. I'm getting out into the sun shine and making plans for the spring and summer garden. I'm not sure if it's just that time of year or just me so I'm asking for advice.

When you're not feeling rosey pink what do you do to snap out of it?


Hyla said...

Its just that time of year. You've got the winter blues. You will pull through it. And everything will be ok.

Lynelle said...

I know how you feel. This may sound lame, but when I get the blues I try to spend some time with a few friends who always make me laugh. After a day out - maybe a walk in the park or a picknick or whatever, I always feel uplifted.

I hope you feel better soon. Sending you hugs and good wishes.

halloweentango said...

I live near the beach so I walk along the shoreline, watch the waves, sit on a rock(or do a walking) meditation. Usually the sounds of the waves can wash it all away.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

I had the blues really bad for awhile. I finally went to the doctor and I was very low in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency has similar side effects to depression. Basically, it is not getting enough sun exposure. NOw, I take a vitamin D supplement and feel much better. You would want you levels checked at the doctor though because you can OD on vitamin D if you are not deficient.

Now, as far as normal icky type blues... I like to read curled up in a toasty blanket.

Or if that isnt an opion due to the kiddos, I do something mindless and creative... scrapbookig, painting, crafting. I turn on my favorite music, fix my favorite munches and drink, and get lost in my work. I usually set up tons of artsy things to keep the kids occupied at the same time. A couple hours like this and I usually begin to smile.

Another favorite would be a long HOT, HOT bubble bath. The kind you need to drain the water and refill the tub so you can rinse the suds off afterwards. I turn off all the lights and sit in the quiet for about an hour. It is super grounding. Love it!

Lyneya said...

Thrift Store shopping! It's like retail therapy but without the huge bill at the end (although it does have a little bill at the end). I figure out a couple people I need to give birthday presents to in the next couple months and see if I can find something wonderful for them at the thrift stores. It's like a treasure hunt. By getting stuff really early I can refurbish it if it needs it too. And if you life in a Northerly clime, try putting a couple full-spectrum lights in the places you spend the most time.

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