Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Special Package

A while ago I came across a bunch of posts on some of my favourite blogs that were sharing some fabulous exchange gifts. I followed the links and found a few new blogs to follow (always a bonus) and some amazing inspirations. Now the exchange is the brainchild of Faerwillow over at Serendipity, Faerwillow has an exchange going on each month and this month's exchange is making a mystical mask for your matched partner, the deadline for signing up is November 3rd; and while I won't be participating I'm looking forward to seeing all the amazing masks that come out of the challenge.

Back to finding Faerwillow's blog though. All the packages that my blog land friends were receiving were full of magical little details and beautiful work that just tickled my creative funny bone. I love seeing other people's creations and always feel a little nudge to keep creating afterwards. (it's one of the reasons that I love picking up magazines like Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors.) So I thought I'd check out Faerwillow's blog and see what else she had on offer. It just so happened that my first visit to her page was also the day that she was celebrating her favourite number with a number of giveaways. I was one of the lucky first three people to comment on that post and automatically won a special surprise gift.

My package came the other day and I wanted to share my gift here. As you can see; Faerwillow has gifted me with a gorgeous handmade paper goddess and a glass ball for watering plants. I'll be adding my Goddess to our Yule tree. I can't wait to see her reflecting our lights. As for the watering ball I'll be on the look out for a beautiful houseplant to add some life and greenery to our living space. Something that I can keep in the living room full time instead of just until we transplant to the garden.

Today's a bit of a catch up day. I'm catching up on my blog list, cleaning the bathroom and getting some laundry done. Yesterday was spent at the Dietitian; we're still on track, blood sugars are still below the limits and the Bean is still growing at the proper rate. The only thing is that we'll be headed back sooner now that we're headed into the third trimester.


Anonymous said...

More pic. posted some look so familiar just enjoy your blog<

faerwillow said...

~good morning...i am delighted this day as your gifts have come and you like them so...thank you for you kind sweet words reguarding such...i never thought the guardian faerie to be hung on a tree but i l♥ve the idea!! i hope she guides and comforts and blesses you each day...thank you again...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

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