Monday, November 29, 2010

All decked out

For Halloween we picked up the most fabulous black glittered skeleton who we dubbed oh so ingeniously Disco Skeleton. We hung Disco Skeleton in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room and when we packed all the other spooky decor away until next year Disco Skeleton escaped our notice and managed to hang out in the same place for over a month. That is until we put the tree up on Saturday and I decided that what Disco Skeleton really really really needed was a change of scenery, a chance to perch precariously at the top of the tree and keep a look out for the jolly red elf and perhaps give a passing nod to the Holly King as he makes room for the Oak King during the Solstice. It does help that Disco Skeleton is super sparkly and he does have the most infectious grin. I'm determined to get him a little Santa hat to help him enjoy the holidays.

This year we've done a mini gingerbread village instead of a house. I'm not sure we'll go this route again next year but the Peanut had lots of fun with them and can't wait to decimate each tiny house.

I'll be posting a post mortem on my first ever sale tomorrow. If you're looking for something different for your tree head on over to PeanutButterPie and check out our ornaments. The sale ends tonight at midnight Pacific Standard Time.


jennohara said...

Your tree looks awesome!!! :) Love the skeleton. Very cute...I DO thnk he needs a santa hat tho. ;)
Glad peanut participated fully this year!!!

Rue said...

Disco skeleton looks very swanky there at the top of your tree! Very fun!

OOoh - I just noticed The Bean over there on the left! Clever widget. Boy - time really flies, doesn't it? 54 more days - so excited for you!

blue china studio said...

I just love the Disco Skeleton sitting on top of the tree! How fun. Reminds a little of a Nightmare Before Christmas.

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