Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkins, Costumes and Too Much Candy

So yesterday we carved our second pumpkin and then headed out to the local mall to take part in the trick or treating that they put on. This is one of the quieter malls I've ever been to and we thought based on our experience of mostly empty stroll ways that it would be similar to what we did last year. Can I just say bad idea? OK, it was a bad idea. It was a mad house with wall to wall people and chaos chaos chaos. We lasted twenty minutes before we decided to head home for dinner.

Dinner was a done and over with quickly with no need from us to prompt the Peanut to eat and then it was back into costume and out the door to go door to door. We went around in a two block circuit and hit any house that had their porch lights on or had jack-o-lanterns, skeletons or cobwebs all over their front door. Even with a large number of homes dark, the Peanut soon required that Daddy hold onto her bag between houses. When we got home and started to sort her treats we soon learned why.

People in this neighborhood like to give out full sized candy bars. In one case she was given a 131gr (a little over 4oz) box of chocolates. They also like to hand out fist fulls of candy. The ones that let their trick or treaters choose encourage picking just one or two more pieces. We should be up to our eyeballs in treats well into November.

As for giving out candy, we had a whopping 5 kids. There may have been more out while we were doing our rounds but from what I saw probably not too many more. The Husband will be taking a nice big bag of mini Tootsie pops to work in an effort to reduce the amount of candy in the house. It's going to be a test of will power on my part to keep away from the tempting chocolates.

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Rue said...

Sounds like The Peanut did rather well! I'm all for passing out the leftover candy - but I'm sure more that a few will make their way into my purse for "emergency" snacks while driving - lol!

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