Thursday, July 8, 2010

7 weeks

In one week we'll be getting ready for the Peanut's birthday party and our second trip to Alberta where the family will be given the news that there's a bean on the way.

I'm having serious return of pregnancy brain and can't recall whether I've mentioned that the Peanut has insisted that we are calling the new addition the Bean, it's not my first choice except I kind of said it out loud in reference to the Bean and she's latched so the bump is now the Bean.

It's been a tough three weeks. I'm itching to tell the world, and the Peanut has spilled the beans (pardon the pun) a few times and those people have been sworn to secrecy until I can tell my Mom in person. I'm also queasy and sooooooo tired. I can not express how thankful I am to the Peanut for allowing the odd nap here and there. I owe that child big time.

I was talking last week about how different this time is from last time. On the walk down the hill from an afternoon ice cream run today I couldn't help but noticing how surreal it feels to be out in the sun with my itty bump on display in my t-shirt. Maybe it's the fact that it's been as gray and cold as winter, but I'm thinking it's because I had a major case of dizziness yesterday that had me in bed by 7:30, up at 12:30 and awake until 3:30.

So speaking of telling the parents, I've been wracking my brain to figure out a fun way to share the news. There are so many cute and cheesy ways to do it. My favourite but totally not within our grasp was the couple who took family out to a restaurant and had the waitress include a special sheet that announced the baby and due date. Since we can't do that I'm making a hand sewn card with wishing flowers to announce that the Bean is due to set down roots in January.


Rue said...

Your Mom will be so excited! I wonder if the Peanut will spill the beans about the Bean first! You may have to gag her!

mermaiden said...

there's a wonderful song by Joanna Newsom called the sprout and the bean- couldn't help but be reminded :D congrats!

anymommy said...

That is absolutely adorable. Love it.

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