Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Work in progress

There's been lots of stuff going on over here. Yesterday was a little on the crap-tastic side and I'm hoping that today makes up for it.

On my to do list today:

Ornaments, we'll be soldering some of the newest tonight. Yesterday (before things got all wahoonie shaped) I used my newest hand carved stamp on a new batch of ornaments. As with all creative projects the brain starts working overtime and new project ideas have popped into my head. I've talked to the husband about one or two and we'll be working on some prototypes soonish. We've also been in contact with one of our favourite gift shops about possibly carrying our ornaments during the holiday season. It's a wholesale deal and I'll be working on packaging and display for that over the weekend; something that has the shop name attached...

Attacking the mess that is the Peanuts' arts and crafts corner; or you know, leaving it for another day. It's an avalanche waiting to happen and is in dire dire dire need of purging.

Laundry, or rewashing some of the laundry. One of our sheets blew up over the clothes line and collected a little extra dirt the other day.

What are you working in today?

1 comment:

Additionsstyle said...

Your ornaments look like they are going to be pretty cool. Congrats on the wholesale deal, I hope you sell lots of pieces.

This past weekend I had a show that went well, so I am working on building up my inventory for my next show in a couple of weeks.

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