Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thousand Words

To all my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving, I hope your turkey coma's are satisfying and followed by pumpkin pie overdose.

One of the advantages of building a snowman with your Daddy
is that said snowman will be about your height.

Oh, yeah, the Black Friday sale at PeanutButterPie starts at 6:00pm tonight. Some items may be on sale before this time as I'm using the Etsy On Sale App which can take up to an hour to adjust prices. I hope to see you there!


faerwillow said...

~i just l♥ve seeing adn making snowmen and wonen...hehehe...such a sweet little moment you captured! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

faerwillow said...

~wow...i think i may just need a bit more coffee...lets try again...hehehe


be well~

D.Suplicki said...

Just enough snow for a snowman. Adorable!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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