Friday, November 26, 2010

Nursing Bling: Always Remember Which Side You Nursed

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I'd signed myself up for the Etsy Baby Shower. I've participated in the shower before and loved being able to give to new Etsy Moms and my gifts were very much appreciated. Being able to participate as a new Etsy Mom is also very exciting to me mainly because I look at it as a way to build community.

In order to give back to the generous Etsians who are thoughtfully sending gifts my way for the Bean, I wanted to feature each of them in a five question feature post over the next few weeks. Unfortunately the beginning of the holiday rush has delayed these plans but that doesn't mean that I can't share a little bit about each of the creative and talented artists and artisans that have been so generous to me.

Since I also wanted to give as well as receive to I'm also planning a feature on the other new Etsy Mom's Etsy shop who will receive something from me. Now did that read as totally confusing? To simplify watch over the next few weeks as I feature shops from the Etsians who are either giving me an Etsy Baby Shower Gift or receiving one from me. Once things slow down enough for these talented folks to send me the answers to my thought provoking questions I'll be posting 5 question features on each of them.

In the meantime I wanted to share a little about Yvette from NursingBling. Yvette is a jewelry and accessory designer whose shops roots are fairly similar to why I started PeanutButterPie; creating a personal gift for a friend which led to requests for gifts for still other nursing Mammas.

NursingBling is a fantastic stop for a baby shower gift that goes beyond baby clothes and receiving blankets (not that those gifts aren't welcome either but a gift from NursingBling really stands out). In Yvette's shop you'll find Nursing Covers, Nursing Wraps Breastfeeding Covers, Nursing Shawls, Nursing Bling and Nursing Jewels all beautifully made and in the case of the Bling and the Jewels simply beautiful to look at too.

With the Peanut I breastfed up until a month before her second birthday. The first days of breastfeeding were days of sleep deprivation full of a frustration as I slowly got the hang of the proper latch and making sure that the newborn Peanut wasn't falling asleep mid feed. I suffered from not one, but two cases of mastitis in the first year and figuring out which side I last nursed on was done by juggling each breast to feel which one felt lighter and which was heavier; classy right? Had I been gifted with some nursing bling back then I think at the very least I'd have felt a little more stylish and at the very most I'd have had a beautiful charm to pass onto the Peanut if she decides to be a Mamma herself one day.

To find out more you can of course click on the NursingBling links above or any one of the photographs here. You can also keep up to day with Yvette on her breastfeeding blog, as well as on Twitter and her Facebook Fanpage.

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