Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just Another Day

So I've never really been a big New Years Eve party girl. My fondest memories of New Years Eve are back in the mid to late eighties and were spent at my Aunt & Uncle's house with my three cousins and my family. One year we played a murder mystery game and then charades, which was fun until the A-Team was the answer to and my one cousin couldn't get past the letter A in the answer. We laughed ourselves silly as he kept repeating over and over "The Ah, the ah, the ah, the ah, the ah,..." getting more frustrated with his brother, who was giving the hints with each ah. Bed time was soon decreed.

My first New Years after turning 18 was spent in a crowded bar, and I didn't even get a plastic thimble of champagne for the $50 ticket. My first New Years with my now husband was spent driving around with his not so great friends looking for a party. When new years rolled around we were stopped at a stop sign in Ponoka Alberta near the towns only bar. New Years Eve 1999 was spent watching TV to see if the millennium bug was going to dash us all into computer-less oblivion. One year we played Monopoly at my Brother in Law's house with his in-laws. Last year we sat in front of my Father-in-Laws red hot wood stove and watched movies and ate piles of junk. As the years go on my celebrations become quieter and quieter.

Last night, we counted down to zero and hollered "Happy New Year!" to Miranda at 7:30 and then I went to bed at 9pm. The Mother-in-Law (also known as my adoptive mom, I'm lucky enough to love her almost as much as my own mom) had left super early in the morning after a six day visit, and the husband was suffering from sleeping pill withdrawal insomnia. I fell quickly asleep and was then promptly woken up at the stroke of midnight, just in time to walk into the living room plant a big wet one on the insomniac, check to see who was shooting of firecrackers and make sure the toddler was still tucked in.

All in all not a bad way to close out the old year and start out a new one.

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