Thursday, January 22, 2009

Building up the inventory

One reason I love the Etsy community is the the sharing of information and ideas. I've been researching the best way to go about approaching retail spaces, and the number of threads in the forums and people willing to share information is overwhelming. While I'm taking advantage of Etsy and other online resources, I'm building up my card inventory for PeanutButterPie, so when I've got all my ducks in a row I'll have all my other ducks in a row.

I'm also involved in the Second Annual Etsy Baby Shower which will be held on the 28th. I'm making a custom baby buggy card for the occasion and posting it online in the shop to be featured in the shower. I'm very excited and a little nervous. I need to relook at my shipping options for the cards as I've had a few people comment on them in the Etsy Forums. I've been setting up my shipping charges based on sending via Canada Post Express Post so that I could track and add insurance to my cards. Perhaps I need to look at sending via regular post and offer alternate shipping options to those who want them. From these comments I'm starting to think that I may have lost out on saes due to shipping costs. What a sad thought.

In other Brick & Mortar news I'm also contemplating approaching my local coffee houses about setting up a photography show in one of them. This is a plan that will involve a lot of time and money as I'll need to order matting cut and frames to go with, assemble my photographs into frames and then hang them at the location once I've been accepted. I'm thinking of approaching two of the umpteen places in my neighborhood. One is close by and always busy, the other is at the bottom of the hill and frequented by morning commuters on the seabus and tourists who are visiting the Lonsdale Quay. Both would be great for showing my work and possibly selling in too.


Faith said...

Good luck! I may be in for a bit of trouble what with the CPSIA and the fact that some of my products are gearded toward young children. It's a little overwhelming and a tiny bit scary too!

ArtMind said...

I certainly have lost sales due to high shipping costs on my greeting cards - I could sent them cheaper but then I'm afraid they won't arrive in one piece...
Reading about all your plans here is so inspiring! The framing won't be lost, it's an investment that will last for a long time!
Goodluck on your ventures! :)

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