Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've got this song stuck in my head...

Well, actually it's a bunch of songs off of two albums by one artist, that have been seeping into all aspects of my days for the last few weeks.

It should be driving me around the bend but I'm actually enjoying it (so far). The songs are catchy and the melodies are pretty and I'm happy to walk around singing snippets out loud in public. I think it's because they just complex enough that my psyche just wants to explore them a little bit more, to take it's time solving them before I can move on. (Again with the Nick Hornby reference to pop music theory)

After 3 years of going earphone-less I've rediscovered the joy of hearing a song encased in a pocket of air around your ear. It's a fuller sound and I'm a little sad that my listening time with headphones is limited due to the need to keep track of what the toddler is doing. Listening to the above mentioned songs last week on my husbands practice headphones I was re-introduced to these joys.

It was also a big nostalgia moment. I was reminded of listening to my music on headphones as a teenager, as an art student in my first printmaking class, and in the darkroom at Emily Carr. Up until the arrival of the little bundle that we call Miranda I was plugged in to my personal play list every spare moment I could be. A part of me misses the soundtrack that made up the background of my little life movie. This is probably a good explanation as to why I've been humming, singing and do do doing to myself these last few days.

There is a positive side to the banishment of the full time soundtrack, I hear bird song, the sound of children playing, my daughter telling me items of the utmost importance (the play by play of the Kipper or Nemo movies for instance) and of course random bits of other peoples conversations. I am nothing if not a little eavesdropper

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