Monday, January 12, 2009

Will you name your name?

Miranda and Daddy sharing crackers
with Goldie and Dolphin

This is the sweet phrase my daughter has taken to saying if she wants her name printed on something, a drawing or a painting say. It also makes me think of her habit of naming her stuffed animals.

Her stuffed horse is called Pony
The Stuffed Tree Frog is Red-Eyed-Tree-Frog
Her stuffed kitty is sometimes Shiney and sometimes Tabby
The Stuffed dog is Cubby
Her Stuffed Unicorn is Big Boy (he wears a princess hat on his head)
Her stuffed purple sheep is Purple Baa Baa Black Sheep
The bath-toy Clown fish is Goldie
& the stuffed baby beluga we picked up at the Aquarium on Saturday is called Dolphin.

And I'm not even getting into the names of her pirate Ship and barn. (Pirate Ship and Barn in case you're wondering)

In other news. The 5 Questions premier issue was a great success, I can't wait to post the next installment on Friday I'll be featuring one of my very favourite shops helveticaneue . I'm also getting ready to post the first installment of A card a week; weekly feature. This week Ground.

1 comment:

Susan Tuttle said...

Your daughter is adorable -- I love all her stuffed animal names -- it brings back memories of my own stuffed animals in childhood.


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