Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last week:

After a week of thick foggy nights and days, hazy mornings and misty twilight's I was about ready for a little sun and now we have it.

During our week of cloud, I did get my fill and then some, of photography. A while back I wrote about my longing to go out and shoot in the fog. Well I got my wish last week and I'm proud to say that I took full advantage of the week long opportunity.

I have images from night time, from during the day. taken from my dining room window and while traveling to and from playgroup, the library and out to pick up groceries. With the permanent attachment of my camera on my person I almost felt like I was back on art school again.

As for yesterday's post, the artist statement for the 3rd installment of a card a week for a year: there are a few meanings for me:
ride the wave; when you're following a rhythm or on the crest of an idea follow it through to the end, rely on your intuition, enjoy the risks, in creating art it's all about being in the moment and expressing it with the medium at hand.

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