Friday, January 23, 2009

5 Questions: The cute and the creepy

So we're into the third week and this weekly feature is turning out to be a lot of fun for me. I'm getting to know about the artists and artisans who I heart, heart, heart on Etsy. Plus I'm taking advantage of the motivation I'm getting from putting this weekly post together. There's nothing like creative momentum to keep the juices flowing. So on to this week's post:

Based out of a small independent print shop in Florida, Deadworry screen prints by hand all of their designs onto designer t-shirts from American Apparel and Alternative Apparel. The name of the shop is an anagram of shop owner, Aprils favourite, and one of my favourite artists, Edward Gorey.

Deadworry's full line of Indie shirts, dresses and stuff to have before you die! can be found on their,, and Funky Finds, They have also been featured on My It Things, as well as on Simple Things a very cool Blog. If you're interested you can also befriend them on MySpace.

So what do I like about Deadworry? I have a few favourites including the Fancy Rabbit Field bag featured in the image below, Any of the Babydoll's and the Tentacles short sleeved hoodie. Mostly I just dig the cute on the verge of creepy graphics that are screened onto the apparel and bags that are in the shop. They remind me of Mr Gorey's intricate line drawings and dark themes, which is enough of a reason to recommend them all by itself.

What got you started?

I was very interested in the t-shirt making process as a kid so I went to work in this huge factory that made collegiate wear. It was an awful place to work but I was there for five years and working for "The Man" made me tough. I decided to start my own company with my boyfriend in 2007 and we've been printing our booties off ever since

Who has influenced your work the most?

I've always admired Warhol for being the most famous screen printer and making a boring production skill into art.

Can you describe the palette you use to create with, what colors do you always reach for?

I'm really liking grays and blues right now. I tend to lean toward monochromatic schemes...I am trying to break out of that box though so this spring I'll be adding some bright new colors to my palette.

What life or art lesson have you learned that has shaped your work?

You are the only one that's going to make it happen. You can't depend on others to do the hard work for you.

Which Children's book character would you be and why?

Well, I used to be Piglet - afraid and timid...but now I'm the ever optimistic Pooh ready to take on that Honey Pot!

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Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

In a remote way, these colors remind me of the early 90s and the Grunge era. Very cool!

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