Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Coming

So this week I'm premiering a new weekly feature. This means a little extra pressure on me as I now have to do a little research, contact and remind my subjects that I have a deadline, write the feature, edit and correct then send proofs to my subjects for approval and then go through and check links. My 2 year stint in the Opus Marketing Department is paying off, as I knew it would.

So the feature starts this Friday and is called Five Questions. I had originally planned on having the same five questions to ask each week but I have since changed my mind and have decided that I'll mix it up a little here and there.

The artists I'll be featuring are favourites of mine. I've fallen in love with their work while browsing the Treasuries, Browsing to build treasuries and while browsing for gifts. I like their work, I enjoy reading their blogs and I want to share the genius that is them with you.

Now I guess I better get back to it, Next weeks feature is on deck need to choose another and get the ball rolling.

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