Monday, January 5, 2009

Oscar the Pig, Mommy Goes To Work

A while back I said I'd review a children's book, Oscar the Pig, Mommy Goes To Work by Megan Calhoun of Twittermoms.

It's been sitting in my daughters room for the last month or so and although I've read it and read it to her I'm not so sure that it jumped out and bit me. That's not to say that I didn't like the book because I did, I just didn't love it love it love it.

Oscar the Pig, is worried about what will happen when his Mommy goes to work. The book uses your child's imagination to help cope with their separation anxiety when Mommy or Daddy goes back to work. Through Oscar and his new Nanny, a child is invited to turn a difficult time into an opportunity for fun and adventure and a chance to experience and learn new things. Parents also learn that they can give comfort and support by creating rituals, cues and repetition to help their child through the transition period.

While Oscar is a great book of it's kind, helping to ease a toddler into a new routine with great suggestions and advice tucked within it's cute story and bright illustrations It's not one that I'll read over and over again and will probably never become a family favourite.

I suppose my opinion on the book might be different if I were faced with leaving my daughter in the care of a nanny or other child care provider, but I'm not and as it stands not likely to be for some time now. I will say that my daughter did request the book two nights in a row at bedtime which in itself is noteworthy.

Would I recommend Oscar? Absolutely, of course. I've referred a few working Mom and Dad friends already and have heard good things from them.
Would I purchase Oscar for our permanent library? Not so much, at this point in our lives, but I would possibly keep it on regular request at the public library, if it was needed.

Oscar the Pig, Mommy Goes To Work is published by Silly String Media and can be found at or at

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