Thursday, January 8, 2009

Feeling a little edgy

I've been pretty good about getting stuff started and finished lately. Usually it's the finishing that comes back to bite me in the butt and then I end up with umpteen unfinished projects littering the computer hard drive and my work table, the bookshelves.....

I think you get the picture. Case in point, Miranda's baby book. I started early, during the pregnancy and collected images and some stories and then around the 10 month mark of her never boring always amazing little life I left off the entries and now it sits on my hard drive unfinished. I'll have to get it done I know, and I think I will, just not right now.

But in other areas I'm getting down right follow through-ish. I have a small stack of cards finished, right down to the last little details (I'm posting new cards on PeanutButterPie over the next week) and I'm wanting to get started on some new projects too.

One of my amazing holiday gifts this year was a copy of Somerset Studio Magazine. The art featured within these lushly photographed pages is for the most part not what I create and I think a small part of me wishes that I did that kind of art, but I love to flip through the pages and I get a little inspired while I'm at it.

This copy had an article about a creative round-robin by Susan Tuttle who happens have a blog called Ilkasattic which I will now be following. The object of this round-robin was to create a pack of spirit cards illustrating one positive word that could be pondered and used as positive affirmation throughout the day. I like this idea, so much so that I'm planning on doing a weekly challenge to myself. Create a pack of affirmation cards for personal use. 52 weeks in a year, 52 cards in a deck.

So in addition to my new 5 question feature that starts tomorrow I'll be posting a card of the week for my affirmation deck. Watch this Blog for updates. Oh yeah and if you can get on my but about making sure I'm keeping up with the challenge that would be great.

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