Friday, January 2, 2009

No resolutions here

Plans are good though. There are not a lot expectations if you have a plan. If you have a resolution, you lose out the first time you fall off the wagon. Now a plan, can be changed to suit any obstacles that pop up unexpectedly. For instances:

Plan A: Building up the greeting card inventory
All I have to do is get to work, sketching, painting, stitching, mostly at night after the Pie has gone to bed.

If I all of a sudden become a social butterfly called out for coffee, dinner with friends, movie with the husband. I can juggle my schedule to fit the plan or change my plan to fit the schedule.

Plan B: Locate a Brick and Mortar establishment to sell my work
I'm researching, I'm visiting local shops to see if they are a fit and or if they are interested in adding me to their inventories.

If I can't find a fit I can widen my search, look out of province, out of country, put more effort into TMCPhoto and PeanutButterPie on Etsy or my drastically ignored Artfire shop.

So no broken resolutions, no feelings of failure just moving on.

1 comment:

Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

My best to your plans. And I feel the same way about resolutions that you do. Plans are better.

Hope this finds you well today!


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