Tuesday, December 14, 2010


my morning blood sugars are spiking which means as much as I want to, sitting around in front of the 'puter reading emails and blog posts with breakfast and after breakfast has to come to an end.

I like a little leisure in my morning especially since I know that in a few weeks there will no longer be the time to sit back and enjoy a spot of coffee and a little read.

Over all, I'm at the stage in this pregnancy where I'd be happy to have it finish sooner rather than later. Putting socks on is near impossible without uncomfortable contortionist movements. Putting pants on is somewhat similar and with the Bean hanging out so low in my torso lifting up my legs to put them into pants brings sharp pains. The littlest, tiniest things set me off; like watching Erasure's new video for A Little Respect the other day, or listening to Kate Bush's This Womens Work reduced me into a puddle of hormonal tears. Rolling over when sleeping involves becoming fully awake just long enough to heave myself up and around. And the Braxton Hicks contractions? horrible horrible horrible little things. Combine them with little knees and feet jammed into my ribcage and I'm threatening an unborn baby with no desserts for the first ten years unless she knocks it off. (for the record she has so far ignored all my threats; I don't think she's taking me very seriously)

On the other hand, because I know this is the last time I'll ever be pregnant I'm trying to take each moment in. I'm looking forward to meeting the Bean, getting to know her the side of her personality that doesn't involve kicking the stuffing out of me from the inside out. I'm looking forward to introducing the Peanut to her sister and watching how she takes on the role of the big sister. I'm looking forward to breastfeeding and snuggling my two girls. And I'm looking forward to a huge slice of cheesecake, or ice cream or a hand full of chocolate chip cookies without needing to go for a walk afterwards.

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