Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Work in Progress

I splurged a little bit on my shopping trip last weekend and picked up a few new colours of glass paint. The plan today is to pull them out and give them a test drive.

With the holidays closing in and holiday shopping winding down I'm looking at changing my marketing strategy for our ornaments. I'll be spending some time researching for photo shoots and and working on a change in item descriptions.

Some where in there I'll be putting the Peanut on gingerbread man duty. Since I'm not really supposed to be eating all those yummy cookies that I usually like to bake this time of year I've narrowed my baking list down to one type of cookie ant gingerbread men it is. Also on the list is filling out our holiday/ new year cards.

And of course there will also be laundry (because I have to do at least one load) What do you have on your list today?

1 comment:

Linda in New Mexico said...

Splurge...that is such a strange word huh?
I am going to be spending the day with my Sweet Man. It's his day off...who knows maybe well go crazy and just enjoy watching some old movie and being together. The Olde Bagg, Linda

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