Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Speaking of time

Of course this display doesn't include today's box. The Peanut has been faithfully opening her advent boxes everyday

I'm wishing I had more time to devote to promoting the ornaments over at PeanutButterPie, the window for ordering with regular priced shipping is slowly closing, for orders in the US it's already shut. But I don't want to be too spammy on facebook and twitter. It's hard to strike a balance but it's something I'm working on. I took some time yesterday to sit in on a Newbie Virtual Lab on Etsy yesterday. I like to drop in every once in a while, it's good to brush up on some basics and in some cases get a few tips that may not have occurred to me for the shop and for running my business.

Today is a pick up some fruit and veg and go to the library day. I'll be trying to tweet a few links to some pretty ornament combos today in between all our coming and going.

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April said...

How cute - sparkley and adorable ♥

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