Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Questions Mezzo: Feather Hairpins

So on Monday I went to check the mail and received my second Etsy Baby Shower Gift from Juliette Mourez of Mezzo on Etsy. So what did I get you ask?

Three beautiful and elegant feather hair pins which I will be putting to good use in my own hair sometime during this coming holiday season. I love that these hair pins are for me; I sometimes think that a gift just for a new Momma and not just a little something for the new baby is a gift well given; A new Momma tends to put all her thoughts and energies into that new baby and can soon forget about herself. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had decided to make sure that I felt good about myself and would be putting an effort into making sure that I do so during this pregnancy. Receiving something that is so simple but with an extravagance to it; something that I may not have thought to get for myself to make me feel pretty is a wonderful gift.

Right now Mezzo's shop carries only her signature feather hair pins but in the past it has carried an assortment of jewelery for both people and for cats; which if you look at her sold items are fantastic. Her signature hair pins are; as she explains in her shop announcement like her cat for whom the shop is named; a tall black cat, mixed between a snob puppy and a mischievous monkey playful and elegant. Having received my gift I have to say that the quality of her workmanship is amazing. her pins are high quality and stunningly beautiful.

To find out more about what Juliette is up to with Mezzo you can visit her blog of the same name. If you have a holiday party, are getting married soon and you need something stunning to adorn your hair or you just need a little something to make you feel good about yourself visit her shop and pick out the perfect feather hair accesory to help you stand out in the holiday crowd.

So without further ado: here are Juliette's answers to my always probing and thought provoking questions.

Do you listen to music when you create? If yes, what's on your play list right now and why?

I usually don't, simply because I work on my feathers late after the kids are asleep, so usually in silence or while watching a movie. I am into the Mad Men series right now (finishing season 3 !), and I have been crazy in love with this 50's and 60's style for a long time.

Have your customers ever surprised you with how they plan on using your creations?
Yes ! I wish I got to see more of my pins in 'action' though ! I just love it when people send me photos. I once admired how a bride used 3 of the White Clouds feather hair pins to hold in a very light and small birdcage veil. I would not have thought of that !

What item in your shop is your favourite and your best? i.e. do you have an item in your shop you love above all others?
I have a soft spot for the Pink Puff feather hair pin. It is so light, girly and retro at the same time! It has a different volume from the other feathers and the color is very chic.

What was the last thing you purchased on Etsy?
A pair of handmade cotton and fleece slippers for my 2 year old - they're the 4th pair from this seller ! My girl has been wearing this 'brand' since before she could walk :)

If you were an animal what animal would you be?
Oh, I dread this question... I seriously don't know. Aren't we humans animals after all ? All right, I am going to say... a kangaroo !

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Thanks so much ! Here is my blog post on this event :

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