Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clearing things out

We were up and out late last night so today is going to be a take it easy day. It's snowing so the Peanut will want to go outside at some point and I'll be headed out to exchange one of my gifts from the husband for something that will fit me and get those slippers that I didn't get around to picking up yesterday.

Yesterday we got a step closer to a streamlined working space. I emptied out the armoire that we've used for the last ten years to store my art supplies, sketchbooks and photo equipment. It's an Ikea product, but we customized it by adding a few extra shelves.

The next step is to get it out of the house. I'll be taking some pictures of it so that we can post it on craigslist this week. Well, that and a few other items that we just don't have the space for.

That's what we're working on today, what do you have going on?

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