Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

We have a busy day today. I'm getting ready for January in the shop, going through and making some changes in my tags to reflect the merchandising themes that suit PeanutButterPie and planning what I can add to the mix as well.

That means a little fun for me, since I'll get to carve a few new blocks and start some paintings again. The image to the right is a block I'm working on right now. I'm a little excited about the texture in the block and already planning how make sure it stays a part of the image once I transfer it onto glass. It's going to have to come down to a mix of timing and pigment/paint mix. If you can't tell I'm rubbing my hands together in mad scientist like glee.

Also on the agenda? Laundry of course. I don't think I've posted a single work in progress that hasn't included laundry. It's a never ending job. A trip to the bank and then the mall for the Peanut to play and and early dinner out before we hit the hospital for the Prenatal tour. We're taking the Peanut so that when it's time for her sister to come out and join us the whole experience will be a little less scary for her. If she knows where it is that Momma's going to be and where she'll be coming to meet the Bean perhaps she'll feel a little less stress about all of the big changes that come with becoming the big sister.

What's on your list for today? Are you already looking ahead for the new year? Any big plans?


faerwillow said...

~your photo is gorgeous and the piece you are working on just beautiful...can't wait to see the finished piece! laundry...i don't think i'll ever see the bottom until my littles are grown and outta the house!!! happy days creating...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Caitlin of Spare Bedroom Studio said...

Hi there! Found your blog through Team Discovery's Wednesday Friendsday!! LOVE it!

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