Monday, December 13, 2010

I at least had a plan

I did the bulk of my gift shopping this weekend. The one thing I wish I could have been able to do was have at least one handmade gift in the mix for the husband but I'm not going to should all over myself. After a day filled with walking walking walking I'd rather put my feet up and ask the husband to give them a little rub. I am however, glad that I was able to do a good portion of our shopping in local independent shops and or Canadian owned businesses.

I spent some time yesterday and today deciding where I was going to go, what I was looking for where at each of my stops. I'm not finished, I have a few things to pick up over the next week that will be easy peasy then it's wrapping and filling up the space under the tree. I'll be working on getting our holiday new years cards done up over the next few days. This years card is going to be short and sweet because as I've mentioned above I'd rather put my cankley legs up and watch holiday specials.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Do put up your feet and relax. A tired and cankley Mommy and Wife is not a fun holiday. After years of struggling to "have it all done right", I gave into the isn't this great that we (all of us) are enjoying this special time together. Be good to you. The Olde Bagg, Linda

Rue said...

My cards are super short and sweet this year. It was either that or not get them out at all.

Good for you for getting organized with your shopping - it makes life easier!

Definitely time to put your feet up!

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