Monday, December 20, 2010

Done Done Done

And it only took me two years to do it.

When we moved from our one bedroom apartment into the two bedroom I got it in my head that I had to make the Peanut a curtain for her new bedroom. So I set out, found a ready made curtain that fit the colour choices for her room and pulled out the embroidery thread. Back then the Peanut was gaga for ladybugs so I decided that I would hand sew random ladybugs all along the bottom of the curtain. She still likes ladybugs just not as passionately as she loves her dinosaurs (and there is no way I'm starting a new curtain with dinosaurs at this stage in the game).

I'll be honest, I thought I'd be way more focused on getting it done but things popped up, and I'd set it down for a few weeks and the weeks would turn into months and then I'd pick it up again and add a few more bugs and the cycle would continue. Until a week ago when I decided that it was so close to being done that I would make a final push. Last night I tied the last french knot into the final ladybug and pronounced it finished.

We'll be hanging the puppy up in her room today (I'll post pictures once it's up). It's not the same room that we started with but it'll fit just fine and it's going to look so much better than the dark blue denim that I've had hanging there to block out the light for the last two years as a stop gap measure. It feels good to get it finished.

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