Friday, March 5, 2010

I shot at least 130 people yesterday

And it was so much fun.

I managed to snag a project for my husband's work last week and yesterday I went in and took staff ID photos for use in the company newsletter, on their web page and for their security IDs. So out of this I get to contribute to the grocery bill this month and also book another session at Blim to make more buttons and magnets.

It was the first time I've left the Peanut and gone off to work since she came along and on the one hand it was fun getting out and being with adults all day but on the other I missed her too. I've got one more year until she's school aged and then we'll have to decide if she's going to be home schooled or if we'll be sending her off to either french immersion or regular school.

I'm of two minds about the whole thing: I'd love to home school her; I have reservations about how learning systems are set up in schools and I'd love to learn with her in a self directed manner. On the other hand I some how think that she would benefit from taking instruction from some one other than me. I've got another year of sitting on the fence. Anyone else out there go the home schooling route first off? start with school and switch to home learning? What were your reasons?


Jen said...

I'm on the fence about it all but I think I'm going to try out school and see what happens. Although because Ky is after the cutoff date I'll put him in kindergarten when he is almost 6 instead of almost 5.
Your post is timely. I don't know if you follow this blog but this post is full of reasons from homeschooling/unschooling parents.

TMCPhoto said...

Thanks for the link Jen, it looks like a good series, I've added them to my reader.

Bridgett said...

Because I live in a state that offers no exemptions from vaccines other than medical, (and I no longer vaccinate my kids), I have no choice but to homeschool Autumn.

I'm like you though, I think she would benefit from other's instruction more than mine. I have found a wonderful co-op group here that will be a big help to me, I suspect.


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