Monday, March 29, 2010

Saying Goodbye when you aren't there and cough and a fever

were just a few things I did on the weekend.

Last week was a little rough, but things seem to be easier now. My Cousin's funeral was held on Friday in the community hall that was used for our Grandpa's service. He was buried with our Grandparents and my Dad, which; I was told by my Aunt, was comforting; leaving him to be close to all of them.

I couldn't make it, as I mentioned last week our single income budget wouldn't allow it but I did my best to say goodbye on my own in my own way. What do you do to mark the passing of a loved one when you can't be with the rest of the family?

Of course with my mind on other things the Peanut got a little less attention than usual and to make up for it, she decided to bring the focus right back to where it belongs with a nice cough and fever combo (which as of this morning has developed into a leaky nose, cough and fever trio).

I'm a little tied up with booger wrangling and temperature taking today. In other news, the newest return of my 5 Question feature was a huge success, with lots of hits on the post. If you haven't read it yet go on over to it and let me know what you think. I'm really looking forward to next months feature.

So to leave you on an upbeat note here's what's been happening with our seedlings over the last four days. I couldn't be more excited about it... or impatient for the rest of them to show themselves

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to read about your loss. Seedlings are the best - it's so exciting when they sprout. Regarding mead tasting too strong - it may have been "young." It should be aged at least 6 months. We taste ours as it ages and you can really notice a difference in "hotness" as that alcohol taste mellows over time. I like it aged more like a year.

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