Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Months have passed

since my last weekly 5 question feature.

Doing a weekly feature was taking a lot of time away from my own creative practice so I took a break from it for a little while to focus on doing my own things.

Of course I never considered completely giving up the features, they're one of my favourite things to do on this blog but I think a break was necessary for more than one reason. I put a lot of work into each 5 question feature I do here mainly because the artists and artisans I feature are some of my favourites and I'd love to be able to help them succeed, even if it's just in the form of someone visiting their shop after reading about them here. Putitng one of these features together each week became a pretty daunting task what with contacting artists, compiling links and adding photos not to mention the research I put into the features, I was working in some cases a month or more in advance of a post which meant that I was working on more than one feature at a time which really became overwhelming.

While I was focusing on my own work, I made a few decisions about how I wanted to do these features and I'm happy to announce that 5 questions will be returning at the end of this month as a monthly feature instead of a weekly so that I can keep up with the momentum I've built up over the last few months with my own stuff. I'm also hoping to keep you all informed about my own processes, tragedies and triumphs too, so if you think I'm a little behind in sharing feel free to give me a nudge...


Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

It's good to know you'll be maintaining that feature. I enjoy reading it. My girlfriend Kyla and her friend are forming an Etsy-type biz--crafts and wirepwrapped jewelry and whatnot--and your feature has been accessed plenty to get some good pointers. Thank you for that!

Marinbambu said...

I am a spanish girl, but affortunated a spick english. Your blog is very good I like a lot. If you want to visit my blog that is of my pictures:

Bridgett said...

This must have been a feature prior to me finding your blog. It sounds great though!

Looking forward to it...

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