Monday, March 15, 2010

You'd think we were tearing her limb from limb

It's not easy to get a three year old out of a place she's having fun at. Lesson learned have the what's going to happen when it's time to leave talk a few times before you even get there. But oh the blood curdling "you are ruining my life" screams coupled with the dime sized crocodile tears...

This weekend we did a jam session BBQ at our good friends place. Good food, good music (he wrote a beautiful song for her for their 23rd wedding anniversary) and great conversation always makes for a great night. The only draw back was the Peanut's response to the news that it was time to go home...

Last week I was fighting a nice little stomach bug. I had thought that it was something I ate but really not so much. So I was tired all week long, had little to no appetite and was running around getting things packaged and mailed. So not a whole lot got done. I managed to make dinner every night and a load of laundry did get done here and there. The bug made it's exit for Saturday, just in time for BBQ steak and prawns, rice and corn and a crisp green salad. We supplied pie.

Yesterday the husband treated us to brunch and then took himself and the Peanut out for the afternoon. I got some painting done and and I'm looking forward to sharing the new project I've been working on. I'm hoping to share soon.


Rue said...

It doesn't matter how much you explain the leaving pre-leaving-time. It's never fun. My neices used to make me crazy whenever I had to get them home. It was like the world was ending. But they do grow out of it - believe it or not. Eventually...

Bridgett said...

My kids are just the opposite. Well, Parker, anyway. He's always raring to get out of wherever we are. LOL

He's definitely a homebody for sure.

Autumn can put up a bit of a fuss, but it's never been too bad, thank goodness.


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