Monday, March 8, 2010

I think it was something I ate

that knocked me down all day yesterday. I won't go into details because well, you just don't want to know... I'm feeling much better today (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) which is good because I have some gallivanting to do.

Things have been hopping over the last few weeks, I've sold an ACEO, and a hand sewn card; I snagged a photo job and then had someone express interest and order a photograph that was featured in one of my 1000 words posts. Today, the Peanut and I will be heading to the post office, the bank and then to the photo lab. Then we'll go back to the post office and mail off my latest order of photographs.

It's kind of silly that I didn't think of doing it before, and it's kind of an obvious idea. I started the 1000 word posts as incentive to keep photographing, (not that I really need incentive but more of a good reason to carry the camera around). I really do love some of the shots I've used for the series, but it never occurred to me to list them in the Etsy shop (you can't see it but I'm slapping myself in the head with the heel of my hand) until my friend form high school contacted me last week about purchasing the print of the Japanese Maple that lives in the front yard.

I took the photograph after a heavy downpour and the sun had come out. I loved the glistening droplets that were clinging to the ends of the branches and the glare from the sun reflected off the wet pavement. The trunk of the tree is wonderfully tree-ish and the branches a riot of intersecting branches and trapped leaves, the look like a head full of dreads.

So, it looks like I should have been listing these in TMCPhoto from the beginning; I better get started...


Rue said...

Sometimes it takes another person's eye to make us see what we've been missing. I love your photography - I'm glad you are going to list it!

Bridgett said...

VERY good idea!
I love that Japanese Maple, btw.

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