Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween is getting closer

and you can tell because:

not only that but we're going on the Ghost Train tomorrow night. It's a family tradition for us, we started when the peanut was an itty bitty bit and we unaware that she was hanging out inside my belly and we've gone every year since. Since the Peanut is nuts about trains and has been for most of her life it's a treat on many many levels, not only does she get to stay up extra late but she gets a ride on the train, and a chance to see the petting zoo animals and there's a possibility of peacocks and raccoons. (We of course have raccoons in our neighborhood but they don't share space with peacocks) and I'm not even going to get into the face painting and extra chance to dress up. It's going to be a good night.


D.Suplicki said...

The ghost train sounds like so much fun! Hope you get some photos. :)

Hyla said...

Have fun!

Rue said...

Two wonderful words: ghost train!

PS - Crow seems to be checking you out!

Magpie said...

The Ghost Train sounds like so much fun! Isn't Halloween great with little kids?

cabin + cub said...

I love the ghost train! we're going to head there this week too... um, but we have no kids, it's just two of us big kids! i wonder if that giant turkey is at the petting zoo still.... it almost pecked me last year.

TMCPhoto said...

When we went before the Peanut we had a great time, in fact the players sometimes reach out and grab you when you least expect it.

With little ones they tone it down so it's not a scary experience (who wants a terrified screaming toddler on the train with them? as scary as that would be I'm not about to subject anyone to it myself :D)

I'll be taking the camera for sure and making sure I've got enough battery power to cover me through the night. I have terrible luck for these things I usually lose battery power a few shots in.

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