Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That came fast!

When I met him my husband raced cars. At first it was drag racing with his Mercury Capri, then with my Toyota Tercel. Then we moved from Alberta to BC and he took up Kart racing with a go kart that went 90 miles and hour around race tracks in Seattle, Portland and Spokane to name the big ones.

He liked doing it and made lot of friends, becoming a part of Camp Canada a loose group of Canadian racers who would set up camp together at the track.

A few years ago he started to play the bass. I bought him a used one for his birthday one year and he took some lessons, joined a few bands and now about three years later he's had his first big gig. After ears of being a wallflower I can finally say I went home with one of the guys in the band. I know I'm a big geek.

The band's name is Remnants of Ivan and they played last weekend the Scottish Cultural Centre in Vancouver. They play cover songs from the 80's, 90's and a few from this decade too. Very loud, very high energy and lots of fun to watch.

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