Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not Gonna Happen

The best laid plans often fail after the first engagement, or in my case after I write about it in So anyway. Holiday letter? not gonna happen. I've written it and I'm not happy with it. too wordy, too boring, too full of blah blah blah. But there's always next year right? As it happens I'll be sending holiday cards out just in time to arrive in the new year.

Am I feeling any guilt over this? Simply put, nope. None at all. I'm doing the best I can and that's all I'm willing to contribute at this point in time. I think I've gone over the top just by getting the video plug-in feature in g-mail figured out for me and my technologically unsavy Mom. That in itself was a 2 month job. My Mom lives one province over and walking her through any computer process is taxing on the patience. This G-mail coup would be pop the cork worthy if I was a drinker. Now Miranda can sit in front of the computer and see her Grandma make goofy he he he he noises. Now to set up other Grandma and possibly the Aunties and Uncles too.

In other news, we built a gingenbread (Miranda's word for it, heads right up on the list with Skelet for skeletons at halloween) house Sunday night and we hit the Stanley Park Bright Lights Train ride last week. We bundled Miranda up in her white snow suit and headed out into the chilly night to ride on the train and look at all the pretty lights. I declined to bring the camera this time around (that's last years picture at the top in case you're wondering). If I'm carrying the camera then I'm shooting and when I'm shooting I'm not doing and I wanted to completely enjoy this family experience. Of course I wished I had the camera once I was there but then again it was nice to just do it and not shoot it. We did have our photo taken with Santa, and Miranda had her first hot chocolate, which she promptly (in her own words) spit out all over the car on the way home.

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