Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hey! you're out there

I was feeling a little discouraged today. I think the cloud cover and the quickly setting sun behind the cloud cover has a little to do with it. I was just going to update with a post written a few weeks ago about something non-time sensitive but has still been playing in my mind. Instead I'm writing this little ditty.

So I went into the Edit Posts option in Blogger and clicked on my lists of posts to find the draft I was thinking of and there they were. I had noticed a a few postings back that I had received a comment from Shawn Michel de Montaigne on a post called so much to do and I was pleased. No I was ecstatic, my first blog comment, Woo Hoo! Today while browsing my posts I saw more comments that have recently popped up over the last month on various postings and I've missed them until now.

I've been keeping track of the stats of my posts using Google Analytics and I know that people are visiting the site but I'm not 100% sure about what all those stats mean and how to use them. I basically look to see where my visitors are coming from and how many repeat visitors I'm getting. I also like to track the clicks on my links and photographs to see how well they are working to drive traffic to my shops. I started posting to help promote myself and my art and I realized that I really enjoy writing down my thoughts and sharing them with the world at large (or at small as the case may be)

I know people are finding me here and reading but it's hard to gauge whether I'm connecting with these readers or if I'm just typing to a large empty room, so to speak. It's so nice to finally see that there is a connection being made and to see what you think about my thoughts and posts. So to all those comments that I've missed up until this very second:

"Thank you."

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