Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sometimes being a pushover pays off. I'm one of those people who find it hard to say no, case in point: I once opened the door to a couple of Jehovah's witnesses because I when I looked out the window to see who it was I wasn't wearing my glasses and I thought it was my sister at the door. They kept coming back for about two weeks until my parents told them not to come back any more. When telemarketers call I feel bad about hanging up on them so I end up listening to their whole spiel before I tell them I'm not interested, most of the time anyway.

Last week I was one of those times. Turns out the telemarketer was calling on behalf of Stats BC and they wanted people to take part in a literacy test. Sure I said, I'll take part. And what do I get for being so easy going? well there was the two hours guaranteed quiet at a computer and the monetary reward of $100 which wil certainly come in handy once the new year kicks in and we need to stock the cupboards.

Sorry, there are no photo's for this post. to make up for that I'll put up an all image no text post next week.

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