Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wicked Good Deals

So, I'm checking out the chat room at Etsy and I come across a room titled "The Witching Hour". I'm a little witchy myself and I'm a little intrigued, so I enter to see who's there and to see what's up.

Turns out the room is part of a promotion that agoodwitchtoo is putting together for her online radio show called The Witching Hour on Blockhead Radio, To find out more about the show visit A Good Witch Too's blog The Copper Cauldron, here.

This is a new thing for agoodwitchtoo, her first solo show (She co-hosts two other shows on Blockhead; The Morning BrewHaHa and Artisan for Artisan) was a little choppy to start, but she really caught her groove as she went along. I send props to her and and a standing ovation too, it's not easy to talk into a mic and talk to no one in particular and a whole bunch of people at the same time.

The show features Etsy shops with special sales and deals on Saturday. There is a treasure hunt contest spread throughout a number of Etsy shops with wonderful prizes, last week's prize was a $50 gift certificate to use in her Etsy shop the Copper Cauldron, for some of her luscious soaps. It's not just a talk show, there is also some music featured by some talented independant artists too.

The Witching Hour airs every Saturday Night from 5pm until 7pm EST (Th at's 2pm to 4pm PST where I am) I'll be listening in this week and I believe my shops, TMCPhoto, and PeanutButterPie will be featured in the show this week too. I'll be offering free shipping all day Saturday and Sunday to all destinations worldwide.


agoodwitchtoo said...

Wow! Thanks for the great write up and the follow :) I enjoyed plugging both your shops and hope I did ya justice!

TMCPhoto said...

Thank you, to you too agoodwitchtoo; I enjoyed listening to the show yesterday and hearing my shops mentioned was a thrill.

I am so glad I was fortunate enough to stumble into your chat room last week. I'm happy to help get the word out about your show and Blockhead Radio.

Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

Wow. That first pic has me drooling.

Thanks for the great review, too!

agoodwitchtoo said...

TMC... left ya a litte present on my blog :)

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