Friday, January 14, 2011

There is a wall of water

cascading down into the street outside.

Any small piles of snow left over from Tuesday nights blanket will be gone by this afternoon or gone enough that they won't count as snow piles any longer. If it's possible the rain has just started in even harder and there are abut 50 tiny birds in the lilac tree outside my window and perching on the wires beneath the eves of the house next door that I can't seem to stop watching them for longer than it
takes to type one or two words.

I'm antsy but I'm wanting to hibernate; it's the rain. My moods are swinging back and forth a little violently and I'm working on keeping my patience for the Peanut. I have some photographs to take for a post next week today or tomorrow. I have last minute shopping to do to get ready for the Beans arrival in 12 days. I need nursing friendly jammas, another nursing bra and probably a few other items that I can't even remember right now.

I started packing for the hospital this morning, the only things for me in the suitcase are a not quite full enough of the stuff I'll probably need toiletry bag, socks and underwear. The rest is sleepers for the Bean, and blankets receiving and the fuzzy pink and white I was given last weekend, a hat and the Bean's "Hello Big Sister" gift for the Peanut. Everything else will have to wait because my housecoat and slippers are in daily rotation right now and as I mentioned above there are some new things I need to pick up before we let loose with the Bean.

Did I mention that we're on day twelve of the Bean Count Down?
I did? Oops, must be pregnancy brain


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

:-) You are allowed to repeat!!!

Marisa Hopkins said...

12 days!!!! Eeks, I am so excited for you!

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