Saturday, January 1, 2011

Compare and Contrast

Just for fun I took a look at last year's New Years Post and surprisingly things aren't too different between how I'm feeling today and how I was feeling a year ago with the major difference being that my tiredness stems from the whole creating new life activity that I've been involved in since last Spring.

The Tree is down, all the lights are put away, the disco skelly is once more hanging in the kitchen/living room door and I'm feeling the need for a nap except I've got to test my blood sugars in about 30 minutes before I can comfortably rest my noggin.

I'm not much for new years resolutions, I try to steer clear of them since they tend to be a direct route to feeling bad about not following through. I like to spend some time during the solstice thinking about what changes I'd like to see in the coming year but pregnancy brain put a wrench in that practice so instead I've been taking the extra time to mull it all over.

Last year I wanted to start baking my own bread, to start a garden and make being creative a regular part of my routine. The garden was a success. Bread was as well until the first trimester of pregnancy made the process seem too overwhelming and I feel that I have definitely made creativity a regular part of my day to day.

In the coming year, with the Bean on the way in 25 days I want to ensure that I take time to take care of myself, take time to make the Peanut the center of my attention the rest, gardens, bread, art will all fall into place once the Bean is amongst us and we've all become acquainted with each other because this new phase in our family takes precedence and honestly all that other stuff will fall into place.

What changes would you like to bring into your life this year?

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Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

In 25 days! Wow!

I had our 3rd, on Jan. 25th. Many years ago. :-)

Gentle January hugs...

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