Monday, January 17, 2011

In case I haven't been blatant enough about it; the count down is on. Today marks 9 days until the Bean joins us on the outside. This weekend we made some special time for the Peanut, Her Daddy took her to the science center and out for lunch with a side trip to the toy store. Then she got to have a night in with her cousin; my niece while the husband and I went out for dinner.

On Sunday we rearranged our bedroom so that the co-sleeper the Bean will call bed would fit better. Other than that flurry of activity it was a lazy lazy day. Both the Peanut and I spent the day in our 'jamma's and read books (I'm in the midst of China MiƩville's Iron Council) played computer games and drew pictures of panda bears.

Today I hope to finish up the second part of my book making tutorial for posting tomorrow. With a little more than a week to go before the Bean and Doctors appointments, family on the way and all the other stuff that comes along with bringing a new person into a family I'm hoping to keep up with the posts but I'm going to apologize now in case I just can't keep up. I'll be setting up notices over at PeanutButterPie and TMCphoto to let people know that I'll be away for the Bean as well over the course of the week with the hope that I'll be able to get things up and running again as soon as we're all settled.

How was your weekend?


faerwillow said...

~my thoughts and blessings remain with you in these final wonderful of you two to create such time with your little...moments that need when life is soon to change greatly...i wish you only the best in the coming days and embrace those jammies days deserve it...much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

Jen said...

lots of luck to you for the Bean's arrival. It is amazing how time flys by in the arrival of a whole new person on this earth!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

If you have the time..... Insert chuckling here, please..... Could you link to a pic of a co-sleeper? I don't know what kind of a bed, this is.

Happy countdown!!!

Hugs & ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

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